HSC Omega-3 Fish Oil

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  • Reduce risk of cardiovascular heart disease
  • Helps lower triglyceride levels
  • Brain and heart health
  • High concentration at 744mg EPA DHA / capsule
  • 5-star quality rating by International Fish Oil Society (IFOS)

For adults, take 1 softgel daily for maintenance of heart and joint health
For patients with coronary heart disease, take 2 softgels daily
For patients with high triglycerides, take 3-4 softgels daily as per doctor’s direction
For pregnant and breastfeeding ladies, please consult doctor first before consuming.
Photo by Zhang Zhang on Unsplash

Sardines or Salmons

Big fish such as salmon and cod are known for their healthy fatty acids aka fish oil. However, did you know that the higher the position on the food chain (and the bigger the fish), the greater the accumulation of toxins.

Therefore, HSC fish oil is extracted from anchovies and sardines which do not bulk on polluted toxins.

Safety, purity, quality

After extraction, our oils go through at least 3 rounds of molecular distillation to remove impurities and contaminants. This ensures we have fish oil that complies the international standards of safety and purity.

Strength matters!

Getting the right dosage matters! Our fish oil contains 744mg of EPA + DHA per capsule, which is one of the highest dosage in the industry. 1 capsule daily is sufficient for general adults, compared to 3-4 capsules daily for other brands.

IFOS – quality guaranteed

We routinely send our products to the International Fish Oil Society (IFOS) to test against their standards for:

  • • Active Ingredient Content – Does the product contain the amount and specific types of omega-3s the label says it should?
  • • Contaminants – Does the product contain unsafe levels of harmful chemicals?
  • • Stability – Is the product as fresh as possible, or has it gone bad (oxidized)?

HSC Fish oil is rated 5-star by IFOS, the highest quality benchmark.

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